The Hobby Studio
my colourful journey,
a way to express myself
Acrylics, Watercolours,
Charcoals,  & Pastels.

The Hobby Studio, was started after discovering yet another fantastic hobby, Acrylic Paintings. From cake decorating, to poetry writing, to graphic/web page design, and then the visual arts journey. The exploration of drawings and paintings was the start of a "new" journey in my life to offer my most recent creative side to shine through. I had my major surgery September 2006 and was going to be laid up for several months, in November 2006 I decided it was time to get some paint brushes and keep my sanity!


I started with some Christmas items and I was already eager to do something a little more challenging, that's when I decided to do my first ever scene painting, "Early Birds' Nest Part I", Mom and Dad's cabin at Ashuanipi River, Labrador. The cabin was still being built, hadn't seen its first winter when I painted it in a winter scene. It included a new sign "Early Birds Nest Part II" that was to be made, which they now have hanging at their cabin. After completing these I knew I had fallen in love! AND the paintings continue!


HUGE THANKS go out to my guardian angels, to my loving family and friends for giving me that push & helping me "keep the sanity"!!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!


This section of my Studio will be an ongoing adventure, with a Gallery & Blog being updated as new projects and paintings are in progress or completed. Also you can find updates more frequently on The Hobby Studio Facebook Page.


If you wish to place an order for an item similar to one you see in the gallery, or a special request personalized to gift to your special someone, please email me for details or contact me through "The Hobby Studio" Page on Facebook. Thanks for visiting my site.